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School Affairs

Office of School Affairs
Welcome to the Office of School Affairs at the American Laser & Aesthetics Institute!


Implement the college-wide institutional effectiveness and assessment plan via the new Institutional Effectiveness Council


Deliver a class schedule that promotes program completability as well as access - campus/site equity and school collaboration


Formalize and implement an academic master planning process


Implement state/TDRL & TWC, San Antonio City - driven initiatives


Establish pedagogically-driven course caps


Develop an academic affairs data dashboard

Develop a published faculty credentialing matrix that meets accreditation requirements


Establish protocols to ensure ALAI  is meeting federal requirements
- Certification of student attendance


Adherence to gainful employment reporting requirements for certificates of achievement


Go Go Go To the world~ To the future~

Pearl Martinez
Director of  School Administration

Damaris Verdeja
Faculty & Human Resources

Bianca Mendiola
Director of  Admissions and Marketing &  Communications

1111 Babcock Rd. 

San Antonio 78201 Texas USA

+1 210 731 8450

+1 210 731 8501

Texas Department of Regulations and Licensing

ZT 10028 , ZT 10358 CE Provider  2174

Cosmetology school 705452

Texas Workforce Commission​

School Number S5672

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